Sellers, would you work with a realtor who will…

  • Give you a fair market evaluation of your home’s value?
  • Help you maximize your home’s potential when being shown to prospective purchasers?
  • See to it that your home’s listing is attractive and interesting to buyers?
  • Help you with the paperwork and the details of the sale contract, closing and any additional steps (home inspection, termite inspection, survey, etc.)
  • Make sure you get the most money for your property in the least amount of time?

Buyers, would you like your realtor to…

  • Help you find the most house your money can buy in the location that’s right for you?
  • Help you through the paperwork from the initial offer through the financing and closing of the sale?
  • Help you find financing at a rate you can afford and payments you are not burdened by?
  • Give you moving tips and new resident tips and help you get acquainted with the community?

Sherrie Venuti

President, Broker

Sherrie Venuti-Meuser

Sherrie was born in Quincy, MA, attended school in Massachusetts and then moved to Saint Augustine in 1989. As a woman with many career backgrounds, she found her place as a Real Estate Broker almost 18 years ago. Prior to entering the Real Estate field, Sherrie was a Beautician, she owned her own Cleaning and Renovation Company as well as a small catering company. With such business sense and experience, the fates lead her to the Real Estate industry, where she began as a sales agent and then shortly after, became a Broker and established Sherrie’s South Shore Realty, Inc.

Sherrie prides herself on her attention to specific needs of clients, providing up to date rules and regulations in order to save time and money for her clients as well as understanding personal issues and reaching successful results in a timely manner.

The Real Estate field is one in which a Broker must be knowledgeable of how to make investments, and Sherrie’s area of expertise is in investing. In today’s market it is essential that we all take note of the financial success of Real Estate investors, and Sherrie is here to help you become part of the growing success of investing.

Sherrie loves living in Saint Augustine with her children and grandchildren close by. She is very familiar with the entire county and can help you find your dream home or sell your current home today!